Baby Winter Dragon

This is the second installment in my seasonal Baby Dragons.  I intended for him to be younger than he actually
turned out, But I guess I didn't pay attention to the relative size of his armature in comparison to Baby Autumn.
So instead of him being about 4 months old, he is more like 8-12 months old. He is very beautiful still.

He Is 16" inches tall, 20" inches long, and weighs a whopping 8 lbs (without base)

The crystals are all Swarovski. The center stone is a very large Heilotrope colored, Pear shaped Crystal. The
others are Tanzanite, Sapphire, Crystal AB, Meridian, and Sphinx. His wings and tail are Crystal/Amethyst
Fantasy Film.

I made these eyes from scratch like I did for Baby Autumn.

I haven't completed his base as of yet since the Cold, New England Weather will prevent the Celluclay from
curing.  I do hope to finish it soon.