One-Of-A-Kind Polymer Clay sculpture. 11"(inches)long, by 8"(inches)tall, by
9"(inches)wide. (with base)

The Hippocampus can be removed from the base, to be held, and for ease of shipment.

I really enjoyed creating this sculpt. The folklore of this creature has always captivated me.
My intention with this piece, and my other sculptures is to be experienced in 3 dimensions,
to feel the detail, not just to marvel at it. All the textures, and reflections of light are to be
animated by the movement in-hand, as light refracts off of it.

The mane, and tail are silky and soft, the body is smooth, and shiny, the scales are slightly
rough to the touch, and the fins are crinkly. The 'Spectral' eyes shine, like a fire from within.
The seashells compliment the sculpt with a riot of different textures, The starfish is a real,
preserved animal, after which it has died of natural causes. The Sand is rough, but sparkles
as light bounces off of each individual grain. Respectively, the frosted sea glass only
suggests a subtle flash of light and color, and is like velvet when you run your fingers over it.
Even the wood base has the look and feel of sun-aged driftwood, with an added hidden
shimmer of sea green beneath the crackled paint. It compliments perfectly the shades of sea
glass buried within the sand.

I can only hope that the lucky owner of this piece will enjoy, and treasure it as much as I did,
while I worked upon it, and will continue to do so for many years to come!