Orders with a destination outside the continental United States, including Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, will receive a flat shipping and handling fee that
will be decided upon order completion.
           General Shipping Guidelines (prices may change at any point)
To contact me directly, Please email me:
I will be happy to work with you on whatever you may need!
Blythe Doll Iris chips have low profile and are sized 14mms
Pullip Doll Iris chips Have low profile, and are sized 12mms
Petite Blythe Dolls take 8mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Little Fee Dolls Take 14mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Mini FeeDolls take 14mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Puki Fee Dolls take 10mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Puki Puki Dolls take 8mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Real Puki Doll take 6mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Chic Line Dolls take 6mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
FeePLE70 Dolls take 18mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
FeePLE65 Dolls take 16mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
FeePLE60 Dolls take 14-16mm AD type eyes---Ratio Optional
Windstone PYO Hippocamp: 4mm
Windstone PYO Wolf: 4mm
Windstone PYO Foo Pup: 5mm
Windstone PYO Phoenix: 6mm
Windstone PYO Unicorn: 6mm
Windstone PYO LH Flap Cat: 7mm
Windstone PYO Muse: 7mm and 8mm
Windstone PYO Young Dragon: 8mm
Windstone PYO Griffin: 8mm
Windstone PYO Kirin: 8mm
Windstone PYO Keeper: 11mm
Windstone PYO  Foo Mom and Foo Dad: 8mm
         2020 Price Listing Loose Stock

                  Regular/Semi-Metallic                                                          Metallic/Aura/Dichro/FireGlow
2.5mm-3mm AD/Irises                        $6.00                                                                      N/A

4mm-18mm AD/Irises                         $5.00                                                         $10.00   (6-8mm only)
19mm-28mm AD/Irises                       $10.00                                                        $18.00
29mm +         AD/Irises                       $12.00                                                        $20.00

                                                        Sizes over 38mms (Contact me directly)


                       Paperweight and Full Globes

3mm *average glass painted globes stemmed                  $3.00                         (regular or semi-metallic treatment only)

*glass globes vary in total outer diameter size between 2.5-3.5 milimeters. I will do my very best to make well matched

6mm - 9mm                              $15.00                                                            Special metallic treatments may cost more
10-18mm                                  $20.00                                                                                    per pair
19mm +                            (Contact me directly)                                                                               


Safety Eyes and Irises (with Stems and Flanges): Add $3.00 to Flat Backed price

Blanks with No Pupils (for painting yourself): Same price as regular Flat Backed price

Blanks with Pupils of your choice (for painting yourself) Same price as Regular Flat Backed prices

Color Modification to existing designs in color charts: Add $3.00 to Flat Backed price

Full Customization based on client supplied references: X-2 (double) the Flat Backed price

Transparent Treatment (full light passes through lens---use for full strength LED Illumination) for Irises and AD's: Metallic prices

Glow in the Dark, and Ulraviolet re-active Eyes and Irises:
Available in the following, solid colors:
Violet, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Teal, and Blue: semi-metallic prices

Please note: Glow time varies dependent upon the specific color being used, and ambient conditions. (15 minutes-2 hours)
There is no cart/checkout system installed on this website at this particular time. All
inquiries regarding ordering any castings, or requests for ordering some eyes and/or irises,
must contact me via email:
                   I will work directly with you to get you what you are looking for.

When a casting request is made, You must contact me at my business email address of dreamingtreestudio@yahoo.com

You must include the paypal address you plan to pay for your order from. In this email, you need to list all the colors, sizes,
types, treatments, and in the quantity that you are requesting.
If your shipping address is different from the address on the paypal account, you must include that as well. That step is
important because I will draw up an invoice to send to you for payment.

In my reply to your email, I will add up the totals before sending you the invoice, to get your acceptance, and approval of the
ordering terms.

All casting orders must be paid in-full, up front. I do not take payments.

Upon payment verification via paypal, your casting order will begin processing for reservation on my Queue. When the
queue opens for production, all clients must allow a waiting period of around 30 days for completion for shipment.
Expedition is available under normal circumstances for a fee, if you need an order shipped in less time.

Orders usually get booked solidly every month. When that occurs, the month is closed out. Then... Any new orders will be
scheduled for the following months queue. It is not unusual for queues to get booked ahead a couple of months in advance
during the height of the casting season. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.  When you contact me, I will
inform you of the Queue status.

If you do not want to wait for a queue opening, I have raw stock (already cast) inventory that only needs finishing which can
be completed usually by the next shipping batch cycle.

Clients are free to contact me via email to check the status of their orders at any time. You cannot cancel, or change your
order once the queue in which your order is slated in, has opened.
Specific Sizing info
United States
1-25 pairs......$3.00-3.25 S&H
26-50 pairs....$8.00
51+ to be determined
1-25 pairs.....$6.00-6.75 S&H
26-50 pairs...$13.75
51+ to be determined