Who lives under this
Dreaming Tree?
...Lets look, and see!
This is Me...

I am an eye maker by trade, but I truly am an Artist by career.
Half of the year, I cast doll eyes, and irises for sculptors, and crafters. The other half of the year, I am doing
what I truly love, Art!

Fantasy art is my true love, and it is food for my soul. Dragons, Fae folk, Equines, Felines, and even the very
creatures from my own minds eye. All juggled by my muse, keeps me busy. My imagination is never at
rest...even in my dreams!

My Media:

......"Well, just about anything!" Here are a few steadfast favorites:

Pyrography - also known as wood burning. "I love the smell of the wood burning." I mainly do this work in the
Winter months. The warmth generated helps keep my arthritic hands from stiffening up. The effects of this
media is wonderfully rich, and tactile.

Sculpting - A real fav. of mine. I like not being limited in visual space. All of my works are meant to be held-not
sequestered under glass. I love people to have the same textural experience that I have had making the piece.
"It is such messy fun!"

Colored Pencil Drawing - "COLOR!!!" " I LOVE IT!" The vibrant colors, and shading achieved are absolutely
endless! Prismas are my top brand. They are not too hard, and not too soft. Perfect for my style of work.

Paint - Of course! I miss working with oils...If I had more space, I would get back into it.  I get my satisfaction
these days with acrylics, and watercolors. Painting my sculpts, or adding subtle hues to my Pyrography, it
soothes the "painter-beast" within. I am really getting into the Windstone PYO (Paint-Your-Own) craze! It is a
fun distraction for me.

Graphic Art - As in Tablet use on programs such as Photoshop, and Corel Paint. It is the wonder of mixing
traditional art, with a digital twist...."Grrreat Stuff! " I adore it! The possibilities are truly endless!

Yes, I do jewelry making too, but it just isn't as fun to me. However, if I feel the need to create an off the wall,
statement piece...I'm there, all the way.

Okies....I think that is enough about me. It is time to go back to the studio. I am never, ever left bored, with
nothing to do. ...ever!